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4-6. Breaker Fixing Bolt Securing Procedure 39 4-7. OCR Cover Locking Procedure 39 5. OVERCURRENT RELEASE (OCR) 40 5-1. Specifications 40 5-2. Characteristics 42 5-2-1. L characteristic for general feeder 42 5-2-2. R characteristic for general feeder 45 5-2-3. S characteristic for generator protection 49 5-3. OCR Setting Procedure 51 5-3-1.Magnum DS Power Circuit Breakers Renewal Parts and Accessories Procedure for Identifying Breaker Type MDS Type Breaker A Low voltage air circuit breaker family name B Breaker family designation number C Breaker frame size in amperes D Interrupting capacity rating E Accessories F Catalog number The Catalog Number is a 25-digit number located on thespecifications requires destructive testing, these tests are selected on a statistical basis for each lot manufactured. TIME-CURRENT CURVE: The graphical presentation of the fusing characteristic, time-current curves are generally average curves which are presented as a design aid but are not generally considered part of the fuse specification.or PDF) • Product specifications in customizable formats for easy submittals • Circuit breaker information guide (technical data) • Product video • PowerPoint presentations Backed by Siemens innovation and technology Model 525, thermal magnetic trip units Model 545, electronic trip units Model 576, electronic LCD trip unit. 4ventional circuit breakers. For example, on a 6A rating with a prospective short circuit of 5000A, the current will be limited at 350A or 7%. Installation of current limiting circuit breakers offers several advantages: # Better network protection Current limiting circuit breakers considerably reduce the undesirable effects of short-circuitGB10963.1 Circuit breakers with overcurrent protection for household and similar places - Part 1: Circuit breakers for AC. GB14048.2 Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear Part 2: Circuit breaker. IEC 60898-1 Electrical accessories-Circuit-breakers for overcurrent protection for house hold and similar installation-Part 1.